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blogs i heart 2009.

December 17, 2009

if you’re anything like me, you have a list of blogs you check everyday or get excited when a new post pops up on your reader. some nights when i’m blogging or catching up on my faves, just clicking on one of their blogrolls takes me off in blog land for hours. hours. because sometimes you find one that pulls you in and next thing you know, you’ve hit “older posts” 37 times and you suddenly know the details of this strangers labor, what they ate for dinner on october 3rd and their grandmas special recipe for pot roast.  many of you have probably clicked on some of these blogs from my list, but still, i wanted to share 10 blogs i have really enjoyed finding this year (in no particular order).

1] baby rabies :: if you’re a mom and you read blogs, this one probably comes as no surprise to you and i’m willing to bet you read it, too.  i just really enjoy Jill’s writing, her honesty about parenting, and her sense of humor. rarely can i not relate to her, and that is what makes it one of my favorite reads. if it were acceptable and not annoying for me to reply with “omg, me too!” on every post, it would happen. one of my favorite things i ever read there was her description of the “heiney hoagie” and the perils of after-birth in her recovery post, because OMG, me too!

2] how about orange :: i pink puffy heart crafting. i’m not all that great at it, but gosh do i enjoy it. HAO has the cutest ideas and projects that are easy and freaking precious. download all kinds of goodies for free (my favorite!) like gift tags, desktop wallpapers, invites, note cards…the list goes on. plus tutorials on felt projects (love!), bow making, and tons of other ridiculously cute and fun things. i genuinely get a happy dance going when there is something new to try.

3] sesame ellis photoblog :: you know when you come across  a blog and you’re like “how does she do it?”? enter rachel devine. she’s just…lovely. everything about her, her family, her photography just makes me smile. if i kept going in this paragraph, it would just a be a string of adjectives that could put me in weirdo territory, so i’ll just say : i love this blog.

4] scott, lorie, henry & ben…but mostly henry & ben :: i can legitimately say i have NO idea how i found this little gem, but holy adorable family batman. i also happen to think lorie is sweet and head over heels in love with her boys, which is more than apparent by her words. oh, and she’s pretty and funny, both of which help when reading and looking at pictures of someone. just saying.

5] rave & review :: really good giveaways and honest reviews on products for little ones. i’d love to see leanne’s garage, because of all the cool stuff she must have accumulated! someday i might win something, and trust me, you’ll hear about it.

6] this is the first day of my life :: one day earlier this year i saw that HH had been linked in a new blog. i went to check it out and found emily, who had posted the nicest words about my little ol’ blog. it made me feel gushy inside and since then, we have become fast internet friends. she is pregnant with twins who will essentially be born the same time her first little dude turns ONE! Hud-B is one of the cutest little guys i’ve ever seen and i know the twins will be little lookers as well. i have a nice little blog family of girls whom i adore and Em is one of them.

7] smonk you :: is there anything cuter than a guy blogging about becoming a dad? i think not. my husband would never blog in a million years (i had to make a facebook for him, and even then he never uses it), but i feel like if he did, it would be like this. also, love the other perspective of pregnancy. you know the side who might want to say we are crazy but knows better?

8] regretsy :: i mean, really people, there are no words. props to the moon and back to my friend Jessica for introducing it to me. it’s just so.good.

9. matt, liz and madeline :: ok, this one is a cheat because i did not discover it in 2009. i started reading when i was just barely pregnant with Harper. if you watch Oprah or have ever been on the internet in general, you have probably heard of Matt and Maddy. i used to cry (like, ugly cry) at every post Matt wrote at the unimaginable pain he must have gone through (and still goes through). he is inspiring, funny, honest and i appreciate so much his willingness to share his & Maddy’s life with the rest of us.

10] dear baby :: just darling. and envy-inducing.

what are some of your favorite blogs?


who is this little person?

December 16, 2009

G osh, i’ve been selfish lately. so caught up in my own inability to get dressed and be a fully functioning human being, that i haven’t updated lately on the little reason why i’m having trouble (and i mean that very endearingly) : Harper Paige!

i remember in the early months when i thought things were hard. things like cleaning dr. browns bottles (hello, they have like 46 parts each!), leaving the house with an infant and thinking that her poop smelled (HA! her poop did NOT smell. her poops now SMELL). i look back and laugh because cleaning bottles was easy peasy compared to cleaning up the tornado that comes through my kitchen 3 times a day. leaving the house was easy when i could carry a car seat into the bank, post office and other places that you pop in and out of and rock it with my foot while i stood in line.

but now we have a 13 month old on our hands. a spunky, mobile, solid food eating, tantrum throwing, and hilarious 13 month old. here is what Harper is up to these days:

  • walking. fast. she is really getting the hang of it, but still teeters over every once in while. luckily, she’s really tough (seriously the girl rarely cries in situations where i sure as heck would), and only says “ow” when she falls down. then gets right back up.
  • being picky. while she is getting better, she still thinks she will survive on solely pancakes, bananas, mac&cheese, yogurt melts and mum mums. although she fully transitioned to whole milk with no issues, i am giving her formula (good to grow) because i worry about all the nutrients she might be missing with her hatred for all things green.
  • wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. girl has got some stubby little legs and still hasn’t reached 20 pounds. still getting the “9 months?” guess everywhere we go. gnome status, i tell you.
  • loving beyond all reason the word “HI”. i would consider this her first real word, because she actually understands how it is used and when you say it, as she does “bye bye”. but hi? she will say it over. and over. and over again until you acknowledge her. this makes for funny interactions in public. and when she is talking to the cat.
  • not a fan of “no” or even a stern voice directed towards her. has thrown herself on the ground a few times screaming. no comments necessary from any family with things like “that’s what you get” or “wonder where she got it from”.
  • sporting 7 teeth.
  • essentially the cutest, silliest, most unique little nugget i’ve ever known. i absolutely love being her mommy.

socks are gross anyway.

December 16, 2009

C old weather and i do not get along. whilst i love the holidays and Christmas very much, i just have a feeling i wouldn’t mind celebrating november through late february someplace tropical. i hate rain and i hate wind and i hate generally being cold. this really poses a problem come september because i equally hate coats, hate socks and hate (winter appropriate)shoes. two common scenarios in the M household between the months of september and march:

1] as we’re leaving the house:

scot : aren’t you going to wear a coat?

mandy: ummm, i’ll be fine, let’s just go.

cue whining and cursing for the duration of said trip and a lot of side eyes from husband while keeping “i told you so”s to himself.

2] as we’re leaving the house:

scot: aren’t you going to wear a coat?

mandy: you’re right, i should.

then i put on a coat, but oh, i am wearing a 3/4 length sleeve shirt. no sleeve to grab hold of while i pull my coat on, resulting in 3/4 sleeve bunch up, resulting in me freaking out because i hate the feeling of my sleeves bunching up, resulting in me ripping off coat and throwing it across the room (have i mentioned i’m a 6 year old?). cue husband almost injuring his eyes from giving side eyes because hello, he married a crazy.

then there is the driving. if ice or snow is involved, i immediately refuse to go anywhere and insist that people i care about do the same. instead of being an irrational fear (like most of mine are), this one is based on a real scenario that i’ll probably never forget for as long as i live. in 2003 i managed to do this to a Ford F150:

since i’m alive (by some miracle) i can joke that i don’t think anyone could smash a giant truck like that into oblivion any better than that without a contraption you find at a junk yard (go me! i love succeeding). how does one do something like this? only with the help of some black ice, swerving into a median and flipping 5 times, coming to rest just short of the opposite freeway with oncoming traffic. throw in ALL of your christmas gifts and luggage in the king cab so as you flip, it can all be thrown about, whacking you in the head, breaking windows and then being strewn about the freeway. don’t forget to be knocked unconscious and waking up hanging upside down. people, all i can say is please wear your seatbelt. it will break your collarbone, leaving you with a lightning bolt shaped one for the rest of your life, but at least you’ll have a life (and personally, i like my lightning bolt).

if i didn’t adore my family and friends so much, i’d make scot move us to figi or hawaii or arizona. freedom from rain and ice, where i could wear open toed shoes all year and not even have a coat closet. but yeah, you guessed it, i’d complain about how hot it is. sigh.
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unfortunate doesn’t even begin to describe this.

December 14, 2009

it’s ok. you can laugh. point if you need to. hold your belly in a way suggesting that it hurts from laughing so hard. this little gem comes to you courtesy of 1993, placing me at 12 years old and obviously very well versed in fashion. i personally can’t decide which accessory is my favorite : the super amazing red blazer (i mean really, a blazer?) complete with shoulder pads and tres chic sparkly santa pin, the purple mock turtleneck (a ’90’s staple), or the craft fair light bulb earrings. i can tell you with confidence that i was wearing black stirrup pants and white keds. i remember this exact Christmas vividly because it was the year i received the gift i wanted so badly that i lied to my mom about why i needed it : an electric razor. as you can see, i was a rather tall 6th grader and i hit puberty much earlier than my mother would have liked (read: i was a raging horrible you-know-what starting at age 9). i told my mom, along with my best friend lauren, who told her mom, that girls at school were making fun of me for having hairy legs so i would be able to shave. they weren’t but i guarantee you they should have been. hello italian hair follicles!

as you can see, i was totes stoked at my newly acquired razor. either that or i had psychic abilities and was looking into the future and laughing at the misfortune that was the 1990’s.

sidenote: if you look closely at the pictures from this past weekends xmas party, i was fully wearing a navy blue blazer. i guess i didn’t learn all that much in 16 years? oh, except that a blazer sans shoulder pads, red polyester and a boxy cut is ok.

simply having a wonderful christmas time.

December 13, 2009

W ell, we survived our 4th annual Christmas party. a good time was had by all and the best part was that i didn’t stress out once about it (not usually the case AT ALL). in fact, after Harper’s birthday party, i felt i was all martha’d out and even flat out refused to have a Christmas shindig. this did not go over well with my Christmas-obsessed husband. he l-o-v-e-s the holidays. as do i, but he gets uber childlike, which i adore. since i didn’t want to hurt his little christmas-heart, i agreed. and instead of stressing, i went with the flow and it turned out great. mostly because of Scot, as he did all the shopping and cleaning (i know, swoon) and prepping. with the exception of setting out the food, which i am unreasonably ocd about (see also : vacuuming, putting groceries away and diaper placement on babies rear ends) he darn well did everything. he even cleaned up the party results this morning while i slept in (double swoon).

it was FUN. doggies wore sweaters, there was gingerbread man shaped ice cubes, and flowing beverages and snacks. there is something about a holiday party that makes you want to hug your friends a little tighter and let them know how much you love having them in your life (or is that the wine? just kidding).

so party = success. now i just need to start my shopping. i know. this season really snuck up on me, better known as ‘i’m in denial’. but seriously people, pms and being in public places in the middle of december are not a recipe for success, tee-rust me.

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friendship tuesday.

December 9, 2009

H ave you ever seen anyone give birth? i have. and lets just say you have to be pretty special to be allowed to see something so important and personal. and equally, you must reallllly like someone to allow them watch you give birth. which is why my friend Emily saw Harper come into the world and i got to watch her little lady, Poppy, being born 5 months later. there is an unspoken trust between you and someone who has seen your lady bits. modesty flies out the window. i remember a few days after H was born, Emily was sitting on my couch and my milk had just come in. my nipples resembled ground beef from my monster child (sorry family) and i was in shock at the size of my hoohaas. even though i was enjoying a vicodin/800mg ibuprofin cocktail, i do specifically remember just unclasping my nursing tank and letting the girls loose while exclaiming “look at my boobs!” and we both pointed and laughed hysterically at the misfortune that was my chest.

months later as we visited Em, David and just days old Poppy, the guys had to leave the room so Em could breastfeed. David asked “do you want Mandy to leave, too?” and Emily said “Mandy has seen my b-hole, so no”.

as i’ve posted before, we used to get together every single friday before the girls came along. and although we try to keep up a weekly get together, the past few months have been crazy for all parties involved (new jobs, lost jobs, swine flu [David and Harper], croup [Poppy] and tons of colds [um, all of us really]) and before we knew it, it had been WAY too long since we’d seen eachother. but today, finally, us girls had a playdate. ::happy dance::

we joked about how we should have made a list about all the things we needed to talk about. but really, we should have. but luckily we have a constant topic : how we’ve managed to make such cute, quirky babies.

i can’t even fall off the wagon right.

December 8, 2009

R emember how i was all, i’m not getting dressed today and i don’t hafta if i don’t wanna, and blah blah blah blooh blah? well when Scot arrived home he said he wanted to go grocery shopping. grocery shopping = leaving the house. leaving the house = getting dressed. because i am not about to be that girl at the grocery store. yes, perhaps in my very early 20’s i would venture out in the jams, on purpose even. i had a velour track suit ( i know, right?) and thought it was perfectly acceptable, if not cute, to wear to the store. all i was lacking really was something obnoxious printed across my ass. i never got into that. (yay?) but these days? oh hail no. somewhere in the mid-late 20’s a blurry line appears where you just aren’t forgiven for such fashion crimes. instead, i’d be the mom who let myself go and “omg, that poor handsome guy she’s with, i bet she used to wash her hair and put rouge on” (obviously it would be an old lady dissing on me). besides, it gave me a reason to wear some new accessories i bought yesterday. i laughed as my twitter update about getting myself and Harper dressed at 5pm elicited responses such as “isn’t it a little late in the day?”, because YES it was a little late in the day (as in, it was dark). aw well, at least i did it, and since this is my blog and i can do what i want, i give myself a smidge more than 75 percent credit today (50% for putting a bra on first thing this morning [yet not using that opportunity to just get dressed – crap, i am awesome] and 25.83% for getting fully dressed later in the day).  i consider today a raging success.