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the tale of 3 christmases.

December 28, 2009

holy exhausted mama batman. what a whirlwind holiday week it has been. i’m not sure when my house might look back to normal, but for today, i don’t really care. watching Harper scream and clap at her new busy ball popper is all i really want to do today. i mean, now that the wrapping and tissue paper is out of the way, she is actually paying attention to her new toys.

we had our first christmas last sunday with Scot’s side of the family. it was fun and happy and made me so grateful to have married into such a wonderful family. i love my in-laws, and i know many people who can’t say the same so i consider myself very lucky! Harper had a fab time running around with her 3 cousins, Sage, Lincoln and day was one of my favorite memories of the year for sure. Harper was so happy to be woken up by mommy & daddy, and Scot’s omgilovechristmas attitude just makes me so happy. it’s like having 2 kids, only one of them knows how to potty in the toilet and fix things when i break them.

we had cinnamon rolls, stockings and gifts, GG came over to help us celebrate and i didn’t once get out of my festive jammies. totally acceptable for the occasion though, so no apologizing here (yes, a bra was at the party). dinner was amazing and we rotated a christmas story, the santa clause and elf all day on the tube. Scot loved the gift i got him (a Garmin) and i might marry the gift he got me (a Blackberry).

yesterday we had our 3rd christmas with my entire family. it was the first time in 19 years we’d all been together for christmas. many thanksgivings, but not christmas since 1990. it was awesome to all be together and Harper was totally spoiled, along with the newest addition to the family, little Cole. i contemplated stealing him many times throughout the day, but settled for nomming on his feet and hands. he’s freaking adorable! my cousin katie and her hubs kevin should get some sort of award for babymaking.

i should clarify though that we all got spoiled:

as my family always says at christmastime while we admire a huge pile of gifts, “what do the rich people do for christmas?”. seriously, as these were being opened i feared a child could be lost in the piles of goodies, wrapping paper, tissue and bows. but alas, both kiddos made it out safely, and with much more clothes and toys than they started with. a prime rib and ham dinner of epic proportions followed and by the time we got home it took all of my energy to unload the car. today has been a 3 cup morning and the daunting task of cleaning/organizing/taking down decorations is bothering my ocd side a little bit, yet here i sit NOT doing any of those things. does it make me a geek that i’m blogging instead of taking care of my housewifely duties?

i hope that a) everyone had an equally merry christmas (if that’s your thing) and b) that you’re as exhausted and slacking as much as i am so i can feel better about myself.

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  1. December 28, 2009 1:14 pm

    Oh I’m as exhausted! I just made the same post ha.

    Again, Harper SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. emily bilbrey permalink
    December 28, 2009 1:52 pm

    happy three christmases, lady! so glad you had a great time. xoxo!

  3. Kristi permalink
    December 29, 2009 11:06 am

    top middle picture of harper is just ridiculous. Blog is looking great!!!

    • May 16, 2017 2:45 am

      I have found your website on Google and the information written on your post is ineetrsting. I enjoy reading this one, looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

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