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operation : wear a bra [day 1]

December 3, 2009

T he time is 11:23pm and i just put my pj’s on, which means i didn’t have them on, which means i successfully completed day one of my own silly mission to do what millions of other people do everyday. and of course, today i did excellent (i give myself an A) because hello, it’s the first day and if i failed now i’d have to punch my own self in the mouth for being so lame.

both myself and the nugget were dressed and fed by 9 am. granted i only ate a banana, but hey I ATE. i did lots of things i usually reserve for saturday nights : applied makeup (even eyeshadow and lipgloss!), straightened my hair, and wore a necklace ( kind of dumb with a baby, but hey i’m really trying here!). i noticed as i poured my coffee and watched Harper chow down a banana and some pancakes that i was already in a much better mindset than usual. i felt at ease, i felt energized, i felt…normal. i didn’t have to duck when the neighbor and her dog came a little bit into the path of the kitchen window (true story, i hit the deck one time for fear the lady would see me and be horrified). and it could be total coincindence, but Harper was in a fantastic mood all day. she gave me multiple kisses, which she rarely does without asking, and danced so much that i thought i would explode from the cuteness. maybe my good vibes were rubbing off on her? i’d like to think so.

proof of said makeup, straightened hair and necklace wearing:

one unfortunate thing that happened was that i discovered a huge zit on my chin. i haven’t been visited by the acne fairy since my first trimester of pregnancy (when my body rejected my new found state by rebeling against me in many ways). this little kind of huge guy has probably been around for a few days, just based on it’s enormity, but i guess you don’t notice these things when you have no reason to look in the mirror.

even the kid looks weary of the beast. my theory? not wearing a bra causes zits. big ones.

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  1. kerri permalink
    December 4, 2009 5:41 am

    good job!!! i did good too. OMG the energy i had yesterday was amazing! i think i will be making this a trend. love your necklace!!!

  2. Mae permalink
    December 4, 2009 6:13 am

    I love that we’re all East Coast/West Coast because a lot of times, I get to be your first comment. Yay me!

    Woman you look hawt, like for real. I am so proud and I agree that there’s a great chance Harper was picking up on your improved ‘tude and that’s why she had such a great day. Also, maybe she’s more anxious to kiss you when you look less like the scary witch who tried to stuff Hansel and Gretel in that oven? Yeah. Probably.

    I have not yet commented on the “I’ve let myself go” post for a couple of reasons, mainly because you are keeping me busy doing other things. I would like to say however that we had to actually make a house rule to ensure that everyone in the house got some personal prep time every day because it was pretty out of control. I call it Everybody Gets to Brush Their Teeth Every Day Dammit, It’s a Right, Like Voting and Free Speech. We had some issues with transitioning back to work and everyone getting ready and out of the house in time or wherever they needed to be. Basically for us, it’s not ok for only some family members to be taken care of all of the time and others to be taken care of some of the time. ALL family members have to be taken care of ALL of the time, because that’s the only way to make sure that the FAMILY is taken care of. We try to focus on putting the family first, not the baby (I’m gonna get letters but that’s ok cause it’s your blog) if that makes sense. It is important to us that Piper learn that everyone in our family deserves to be cared for and that we work together as a team to make sure that’s happening, in various ways.

    Anyway. Good job you. Keep it up. It’s good for everyone, especially the girls.

  3. December 4, 2009 11:16 am

    You look great! Good work!! :D It DOES feel good to be part of the land of the living. I’m sure Harper was getting a good vibe from you :D

  4. December 4, 2009 12:26 pm

    Yay!! Good for you! Glad to hear you both had a great day :)

  5. December 4, 2009 8:48 pm

    You look great in that pic! I have to do the whole clothes/makeup thing during the week for work but I look like a slob on Saturday and Sunday. You’ve inspired me to get dressed tomorrow! :)

  6. emily bilbrey permalink
    December 4, 2009 9:59 pm

    good job lady! you look damn hot in that photo, too! i have (what i think is) a great idea for you – along with carseat couture you could do a weekly mom n’ bebe shot, all gussied up and whatnot! … well anyway, i for one love photographic evidence of my dressing up these days. funny to think i ever used to spend up to three hours primping! now it’s a big deal if i’m not found wearing my hair slicked back in a bandana, sporting one of david’s random band tees and oversized plaid pajama pants (classssy.)

    this post is good motivation for all us other mamas out there to keep it hot and spicy, and remember we are still foxy ladies! (; cheers!

    • Mandy permalink*
      December 5, 2009 12:53 am

      remember when we’d curl our hair whilst drinking vodka tonics? ah, the good old days.


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