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times they are a’changing.

November 12, 2009

dude. today on facebook, a friend of mine commented on a photo of Harper referring to her as a toddler. after thinking about it for a minute (and questioning when that change actually takes place) i realized that is what she looks like now. i always see her as a baby (which she still is, by the way, and ALWAYS WILL BE) and as weird as this may sound, because i see her everyday, i don’t notice how tall she’s gotten or how she is losing her baby chub unless i look back at older photos.

this week she has really started mimicking words. probably the cutest new thing she says is “wow”. when she is done eating and i say “all done!” she responds with “ah-dah!”. she is getting pretty good at “ball”, and really good at “hi” while waving ferociously. the other day she was in the back seat waving out one window yelling “hi! hi! hi!” then she’d turn to the other side and yell “hi! hi! hi!”. it looked like she was riding on a float. almost peed myself. i’m not kidding when i say it’s a definite driving hazard to have a kid so cute you can’t stop looking in the rearview mirror.

the other day we were going to leave the house which meant a) i had a bra on and b) H didn’t have any bananas anywhere on her. i felt it was an occasion we should document with a photo. i’ve never had much trouble taking pictures of us together in the past. just hold the baby, hold camera in “myspace profile pic” fashion and snap a few. oh no. not anymore. i swear on a stack of Us weeklys that this is the best picture i got, because my child is actually in it:lol

sigh. and she can’t even walk yet.

sidenote: i will not resign to the fact that my kid is a toddler until she a) can walk b) bites me and c) does the obligatory take-off-my-diaper-during-a-nap-and-smear-my-own-poop-all-over-my-crib thing.

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  1. November 12, 2009 3:22 pm

    Title: Best song ever- in fact- it was the name of my blog for a while.

    Harper: is adorable and you can refer to her as a baby until she’s 60. because she will always be YOUR baby!


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