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busy bee.

October 28, 2009

when i first pictured Harpers 1st birthday party, i hardly thought i’d have the time or engery to make all of the decorations. but after nearly vomiting at all of the ugly party favors and themes that target had (yes, even my mecca makes some mistakes), and seeing how expensive it is to buy them off of etsy, i did it. and i’m really excited to hang everything, blow up balloons (well, bree will be doing that), arrange things and admire my handy work. it might look like a hot pink and green monster threw up elephants and polkadots all over my house, but i’m cool with that.

we have a busy next few days. tomorrow evening we are heading to Stacy’s house for some photos! she has a photography group that meets monthly and she has asked Harper to be her model! i’ve got a few cute outfits and hats ready to go. now all we need is photoshop to clean up the lovely scratch she gave herself right by her eye (sad!).

we also have a playdate with Harper’s friend Julia and her mom Tiffany. Julia is a little over a month older than H and they really enjoy playing together. they haven’t seen eachother since august, so it will be fun to see Julia walking and now they can really play since H is almost doing it, too. speaking of walking, she has decided the laundry basket is the perfect thing to push around the living room to practice. so cute. and cheap!

friday my mom is taking off to help me with getting ready for the party and saturday is the big ONE. hopefully i’ll be so busy entertaining that i will forget my baby is no longer a baby (though she always will be to me). if only i didn’t have all this time beforehand to think about it…

to top it all off, i feel like i may be getting sick. fortunately it’s probably all in my head, because i’m a hypochondriac (have i mentioned that before? that’s a whole ‘nother post). regardless, i’ve been making out with a glass of airborne frequently because seriously, i.can’t.get.sick.

i’ll leave you with some pics from today. sillyness in the M household:october 581october 601october 579october 606

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  1. October 28, 2009 6:02 am

    ummm seriously…could you ALL be cuter in your hoodies!?!? LOL!
    THANK GOD for photoshop! they always scratch themselves at the wrong time! I am looking forward to seeing and reading all about H’s 1st birfday!!! and her modeling session with stacy!! you and scot should give yourselves pats on the back…you have done well…and you survived your first year…she is adorable and bright (i mean who says “hello day” before they are one)
    HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY little miss harper!

    your east coast blog readers…kerri and little ella!

  2. October 28, 2009 7:33 am

    What a gorgeous family!
    Can’t wait to celebrate her B’Day!
    Love to you all.

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