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October 16, 2009

it’s been an exciting week around our house. the H monster has finally accepted a sippy cup into her face hole. words cannot describe how miraculous this is. for the past few months i’ve tried everything imaginable. i didn’t even think it’d be an issue, but holy cow, was it ever. i always thought it was the milk itself she liked so much. nope. it was her bottle.

when Harper was about 3 months old, the Bilbreys were over one weekend watching football. Scot made Harper a bottle and brought it in to the livingroom where i was holding her. as i grabbed a bib, she saw it and started flailing her little chicken arms like a mad woman. David is all “why is she doing that?” and i was all “because she’s fat and she sees her bib”.

seriously – that may sound mean (and now that i’ve typed it i feel kinda like i should have kept that joke between the 4 of us…), but all joking aside – this kid would freak out at the sight of her bottle.

so when i first attempted the sippy cup, i figured she’d drink out of a tin can if it meant her milk was in it. boy was i wrong. sometimes, she’d take a sip (so in my mind she knew it was her food), then literally HIT me or throw the sippy cup across the room. i wish i was joking. she would get pissed. sometimes she’d look at me as if i was trying to poison her.

so, i’d wait a week and try it again. no dice. i bought different cups. i knew there was no rush, so i kept waiting. then i’d try another one. she would REFUSE it, then watch me pour the milk into a bottle, and happily drink the entire thing, as though starving. wow. my kid is a drama queen. her mothers daughter, if you will.

october 356

that’s about 40 bucks worth of sippy cups right there (because some of them were 2 packs). she thought all of them were crap. neat. except the one on the far right. she finally, after months of trying, has embraced the thinkbaby
training cup. ::cue angels singing::

she hasn’t had a bottle since sunday night. i wasn’t even planning on completely cutting out bottles, but she has taken to the thinkbaby cups so well that i packed up the dr. browns tonight. yes, i shed a tiny tear as i packed up them up (especially when i pulled out the box and saw the little 2 oz bottles we used at the beginning), but she is growing up and i have to accept that.

this week she has also started self-feeding herself most of her meals. this is huge for both of us. i could tell she was getting really frustrated with me feeding her for the last couple of weeks so i decided to let her do her own thing. mealtime is much happier. i’m happy she is giving me her cues and i am seeing them. but there is just something weird about making coffee and looking over to your baby and seeing them feeding themself breakfast.october 378

this is all part of turning into a toddler. which is what she is doing and what i need to accept. there is only but 15 days until her 1st birthday. besides, it not like i’ve been sneaking into her room after she’s gone to bed, scooping her up and rocking her in the chair for hours while she sleeps or anything…

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  1. kirstenmcc permalink
    October 17, 2009 8:04 pm

    I’m jealous of your success. M&L won’t take sippy cups, and now Mary is boycotting most solid foods. Lila has taken to pulling most solid foods out of her mouth (self-fed OR spoon fed) and throwing them on the floor. The only foods that both girls will actually put in their mouths and digest are puffs, applesauce, and string cheese. Sweet, huh?!

  2. Kristin permalink
    October 19, 2009 2:31 pm

    She’s getting so big! Almost birthday time :)

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