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August 15, 2009

last wednesday, the kiddo and i packed up and journeyed over to Selah, Wa to visit my in-laws! i was a tad nervous about the drive, the longest H had been on and also i was alone. but she did amazing! after storytime and a short playdate with a new friend (more on that at a later date!), i gave her a big bottle, stripped her down to a onesie and we were on our way. she passed out before we even hit the freeway. awesome.

she woke up about an hour and half into the drive and talked to herself quietly for the rest of the way. it was amazing. we got to Selah and Mel (my father in law) took us ladies out for some authentic mexican food. it was so good! tiny tiny place, but you can see the grandma making your food from scratch, including making the tortillas. delicious.

it was a really great trip. Bobbi (who’s name is actually Angela, my mama-in-law, but her grandkids call her Bobbi since my nephew Sage gave her that name as a baby – and no, they have no idea where he came up with it!) got to hold, snuggle, feed, change, cuddle and play with Harper for 2.5 glorious days!

bobbi n' harper

we had a target trip (where bobbi more than spoiled miss H – pictures to come of her new dwell studio ensembles), a trip to the yakima mall (we walked for a minute and then Angela exclaimed “ok, we’re at the end of the mall”), and my first ever Sonic experience. afer sonic we went to a cool park with a huge pond and there had to be over 100 ducks and like 50 canadian geese there.5890_1175607281084_1555155167_450140_4001746_n

Bobbi was carrying H and letting her play with the straw of her cherry limade chiller (p.s. YUM). i didn’t think anything of it because hello, harper doesn’t know ow to drink out of a straw. then we saw pink oozing from her mouth – she figured it out! she got 3 HUGE sips in while i tried to pry it from her chubby hands, then threw a huge tantrum. 5890_1175607361086_1555155167_450142_3581383_n

so funny. friday before we headed out, we went to barrett farms, an orchard with tons of fresh fruit. we scooped up some peaches to take home. it was sad to leave, but we were having an ordeal at home with our frenchie, Lulu. she was really sick and at the emergency vet all day thursday. i felt awful for Scot having to deal with it alone (Lulu is HIS dog), so i thought it best to head out. but we’ll head back really soon! i hope to make another trip out in the next month, now that i know she can handle the drive just fine. it was wonderful to spend quality time with Scot’s parents, i just love them to pieces.

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  1. emily bilbrey permalink
    August 16, 2009 6:01 am

    sounds like a great trip lady! yay! harper’s cherry-limeade thievery is hilarious! :-D

  2. August 16, 2009 3:54 pm

    Loved having two of my favorite ladies come for a visit!! It went by much too fast, though. Having Harper withdrawals now, but look forward to seeing you all again soon. xoxo – bobbi

  3. August 17, 2009 6:55 am

    Sooo happy the drive went well. I’m glad that Harper got her Bobbi fix, too! Sounds like there’s lots to do in Selah. (Hi to Angela and Mel!!).
    Love to you all. GG

  4. Katie permalink
    August 17, 2009 2:47 pm

    She defintely deserved to win the cutest baby contest, but we all know that’s what she is, even if she didn’t get the booty for it! The slurpee incident is hillarious, I can totally picture it down to her chubby little hands-you are a good descriptive writer :) Hope all is well!

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