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July 16, 2009

today bree and i met for lunch at uptown and had super yummy flatbread with garlic white bean spread, prosciutto and arugula pizza, chop salad and fondi amber lager. we made the unfortunate decision to eat on the patio, and we sweating like pigs by the end, even under the umbrellas. harper sat in her stroller amusing us the entire time, and showing off her new dance moves. i need to get this on video asap, as it’s pretty cute. she bobs her head and wiggles around when music comes on – and this just started yesterday. so crazy how fast she picks up on things.

so after lunch we went into my new favorite toy store. it has amazing toys for all ages and some of the cutest stuff i’ve seen. not your typical fisher price stuff here people. i’ve seen Haba toys before, but never this many. i’m fairly certain bree and i were annoying as hell as we squealed with delight like little girls picking up each and every piece they had. i need to win the lottery so i can afford to buy Harper the whole kitchen and grocery store set up they have. it’s all German wood toys that are adorable and make me want to play house.


the tea tin put us both over the edge. tiny wooden tea bags. ugh, so cute. the stuff is pricey, but darling. i’m thinking Haba themed 1st birthday party! just kidding. but seriously.

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  1. July 17, 2009 10:48 am

    EEEKKKK! Haba is my FAVORITE! I also love Plan toys, who do a lot of wooden instruments, which are super cute. Those little tea bags are enough to make me cry! I love them. LOVE THEM! Great find. Now, you just need those and that little tea print dress from Old Navy & she’s set!

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