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saturday, in the park, i think it was the 4th of july…

July 5, 2009

whew! what a weekend. it was a rare one – Scot was able to have 2 days off. it was awesome to wake up on saturday morning with my husband. he was able to get Harper up and change her and play with her (something he NEVER gets to do because of work, then Sunday mornings she is at my moms, so literally he hadn’t done this since probably march). thursday his car broke down (frowny face), so that morning we had it towed to our house so we can figure out what to do with it. we aren’t going to fix it because there is no way it would be worth it. boo on all fronts.

we had a yummy lunch just the 3 of us at fondi (seriously my new favorite place – their chop salad is tdf) and then hit up ben & jerry’s for some cones. holy heck it has been HOT the past few days. luckily my awesome mama got us an uber fancy fan/ionizer that is keeping the downstairs cool. Harper decided to model her new bikini that was a gift from auntie & uncle bobby (photo evidence in last post), then we headed to GG’s so H could spend the nightwe were off to bree and barham’s place for hot dogs and mojitos.4th

totally fun evening spent watching fireworks, perfecting our mojito recipe and i even tried a mint julep for the first time. my worst nightmare came true as i fully made their toilet overflow (NOT because i pood or anything, but because the last person had left a WAD of tp). i made the mistake of flushing again after the first time didn’t work, and stood in horror as the water came up and out of the toilet (i can’t stress enough how scared i am of doing this at people’s houses). bree came to the rescue with a plunger, but i had to endure countless jokes from the the dudes for the rest of evening about how my poo clogged the toilet. ugh. (i repeat: i did NOT poo).

4th 2

we walked along the waterfront to find fireworks and got a little silly. we then headed back to the house and Rere (their cat) showed us how to use the pull up bar that Barham had bought:rere

we super slept in this morning, picked up the monster and proceeded to lounge around all day watching the deadliest catch marathon. good weekend! and now on to finding a new car for the hubs.

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  1. July 6, 2009 8:30 am

    You know what made me laugh the most?…that you guys were watching The Deadliest Catch marathon! I get teased a lot around my house for being hooked on the show. (pardon the pun) So sorry about Scot’s car!! Ugh. Sounds like you had a fabulous 4th, though. xxoo, bobbi

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