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katie’s baby shower!

June 30, 2009

alrighty, one post at a time. saturday was my cousin Katie’s shower. my auntie and cousin Sammy did an amazing job of planning, decorating, cooking and cake making by Sammy:jungle cake

yeah – she MADE that. so freaking cute. it was way too much fun seeing my cous and her adorable belly, plus being at a shower for a boy was awesome! i had such a good time shopping for boy stuff (so did Harper – she got Cole a “wee block”…which is precisely what it does), and all the cute boy things at the shower made me really hope our next is a little dude (in the far future, so calm down). we had yummy mexican fare, cute goodie bags and of course the delicious and awe-inspiring cake. Harper was pretty fussy all day since she isn’t used to being around that many people and her stranger/loud noise anxiety is in full effect these days. we decorated bibs for Cole (even Harper put a nice blue mark on one for him. 3 cousins

i am beyond excited for Katie and Kevin to meet their little guy (and way stoked to meet him myself!). they are going to be AWESOME parents and i’m excited that Harper and Cole will be so close in age. i always looked up to Katie growing up and wanted to be just like her. now our kids are going to be able to grow up and play together like we did (although i hope their fashion decisions will be a little smarter than their moms). so exciting!katie and cake

that day was also Scot’s birthday. he had to work all day so when we returned from the shower, we met up with a bunch of friends at our usual hangout. goodtimes were had by all, especially the birthday boy. the theme of the night was “ugly thumbs up face” so stay tuned for the montage when i get all of the pics from jess or bree. (on my birthday we did “big lips face” with a huge pair of red lips that i was given as a gift. everyone had to hold them up and get their picture taken, and then a montage was made. i guess i never blogged about that…whoops.) anyhow, Scot loved the new grill my mom and i bought for him and thoroughly enjoyed all the gifts he got that night. my boo is 26!

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  1. July 1, 2009 8:53 am

    Katie is such a cute pregnant lady! And Sammy’s cake is truly amazing!…no surprise there, I still have one of the cupcakes she made for Harper’s shower. It’s in a shrine surrounded by candles:)

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