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June 25, 2009

little H is trying to grow up. i wish she’d slow down. these are her new things this week:

1) trying really hard to crawl. it was less than 2 weeks ago that she even learned to get up on her hands and knees, and now she is almost on the move. i thought for sure it would be like months of just rocking back and forth before she learned to crawl. wishful thinking i guess. today she got the leg part down but still doesn’t have the arm coordination. i am terrified.

2) tantrums. this = not a fan of. if i do one little thing she doesn’t approve of, it’s freak out mode. one thing she really doesn’t like (and this is strange) is when i’m feeding her food on a spoon, after she takes the bite in her mouth, i try and clean up the leftovers under her chin with the side of the spoon. you know, to keep things a little cleaner (why bother, right?). well geeeeez, you’d thought i’d shot her dog or something. she even tries to hit me. i mean, i’m sure she is just flailing her chubby little arms in disapproval, but it feels to my little heart like she is trying to hit me. cue tears. she has spent a lot more time crying in fits this week when she isn’t happy, which isn’t really like her, so i’m going to chalk it up to more teeth trying to make their debut, and not believe that my not-even-8 month old is actually throwing fits.

3) the cutest little face where it looks like she is chewing gum, but she is really just feeling her teeth. adorable. almost makes up for the tantrums.

4) loving our daily 2 mile walks. she is not a fan of being strapped into the stroller (see also: tantrums), so i let her sit in it without. before you call cps on me, she sits completely still in her seat (for now), holds onto the tray and squeals in delight as we walk. she yells at doggies passing by, smiles at other people walking, and tries to communicate with the birdies. darnright precious.

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