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sweet potatooooes.

June 8, 2009

finally. a food my kid likes. yeah, i know, we only tried a few before this, but it was nice to see a happy face and an open mouth going towards the spoon as opposed to what peas and green beans did – icky face and clamped mouth. i whipped up some organic sweet taters today and she seems to really enjoy them. yay!

tooth number 1 is making it’s way out and number 2 is possibly on it’s way to making it’s debut. i am still thanking baby jeebus on how she is handling this all. i mean, there is fussiness and definite clingyness, but everything else is the same and even those 2 things are very manageable. i mean hey, it’s nice to feel needed. :D

we didn’t end up going to the maritime festival because a) it was raining in the morning and b) even though it stopped raining, a quick driveby showed a crowd that possibly would have put me over the edge had i tried to navigate a stroller through it. however, this freed up time for me to go and get my “spa escape” mani/pedi that my mom got me for my birthday. so GG watched the toof-monster while i spent over 2 glorious hours in a massaging recliner getting soaked, exfloliated, clay masqued, parrafin dipped and polished. AWESOME. totes loving the tangerine color i picked, too. who you ask, would get this excited to have gotten a pedicure, a luxury offered to all americans? apparently, a person who hasn’t had one since 2006. yeah, since my wedding. unless you count the one scot kindly gave me when i was 38 weeks pregnant and could no longer see my feet, let alone touch them ( he offered to do this when a lady at work said to me “so is having half of your toenails painted the new trend this year?” referring to my grown out polish job – and she was serious). thanks again mama! it was the perfect gift.

this week we’re getting our family pics taken! i’m excited and hope the nuggets teeth won’t bother her and make her cranky. cross yer fingers for us!

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  1. jessica permalink
    June 9, 2009 5:52 pm

    yay for family pics! can't wait to see them!

  2. jessica permalink
    June 9, 2009 5:52 pm

    yay for family pics! can't wait to see them!

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