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May 27, 2009

maybe it’s my birthday coming up. maybe it’s the fact that my baby girl is going to be 7 months old on the same day. i dunno, i’m just feeling very reflective this week on how far we’ve come since little h was born. it’s completely crazy how something can feel like so long ago, yet feel like yesterday at the same time. i’m sure it feels that way for my mom, moms of teens, and moms of toddlers as well. i’m going to assume that no matter how much time passes once you’ve had a child, it will always feel like it’s going too darn fast. before i had a baby, time was measured in ‘me’ time. once the big milesones were hit (13 – becoming a “teenager”, 16 – driving, 18 – tattoos? piercings? and 21 – duh), a birthday was just another year passed. each month was just a month, each year just a year. but now, life is measured in Harper time. a month isn’t just a month anymore. it’s a month of her life. my birthday won’t just mean i’m a year older, but she will be, too. it’s a whole different feeling now that time means learning new things, becoming more mobile, hitting milestones, etc.

i really love the stage Harper is in right now. i dearly miss the newborn days sometimes, but the very early days were rough so i kind of remember them as a blur of trying to figure her out. at almost 7 months, we’re all in a groove and getting the hang of this gig. of course, we’re learning everyday, because as any parent of a baby knows, each week your baby is a new person. right now is fun since she can sit up, point at things, roll around and giggle, but she is still little enough to cuddle, take naps with and keep generally happy. i know the next months will bring more independence for her and that makes me a bit sad, but i also love seeing her learn new things. i had never really felt pride until i had Harper. now i feel it every time she experiences something new and i can see her learn something. watching her eyes figure things out is one of my favorite things.

talking to parents of older babies makes me excited for all the walking, talking and general hilarity a toddler brings, but i’m not trying to rush this party along by any means. i just smile inside imagining how funny the nugget is going to be, just gaging by how funny she is now without the luxury of spoken words. i having a feeling we’ll all be laughing daily when the time comes, but for now i bask in the glory of her dadadada-ing and raspberry blowing.

my family has always had a running joke about me and ‘mushy’ cards. i always hated getting the sentimental cards for birthdays and whatnot (as a teen i’d play it off as i was too cool for them, when in reality i am an extremely sensitive person and mushy cards made me feel stuff!) and still get a hard time if i GIVE a mushy card (which i do a lot now). i suspect they will be thinking i got mushy on my blog after reading this post. YEP! i’m a total freaking mush. but hey, growing a person inside of you for the better part of a year, then pushing it out and meeting the perfect blend of you and your favorite person in the whole world for the first time, and then watching it grow and be precious and hilarious will do that to a lady.

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  1. Kelly and Natalie permalink
    May 27, 2009 1:40 pm

    <3 That's all I can say!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    May 27, 2009 11:32 pm

    Harper is one lucky little lady! You do have a way with words, mush or no! I love all of your reflections and realizing that no matter how old your ‘baby’ gets, she’s still learning and growing and amazing her Mama!
    Love you all. GG

  3. Jenn permalink
    May 28, 2009 1:28 am

    You just made me cry…when did I become so emotional? It must be the little girl that did it to me!

  4. kevinaki permalink
    May 29, 2009 2:58 am

    I love this post! And I love that you are embracing your inner mushiness! Happy almost b-day!

    lots of love-Katie

  5. May 16, 2017 4:45 am

    At last, sooenme who comes to the heart of it all

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