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good weekend…and it’s not even over!

May 25, 2009

it’s sunday, but i still get another sunny, glorious day with my hubby. YAY! he did have to work yesterday, so my mom and i did some errands and had lunch while he was gone. harper went to her usual saturday night date with her so Scot and i could go see rory’s new band play at the new frontier. it was a good time, and fun to have a night out as always. today Scot went golfing with the guys so my mom and i did what we do best – went shopping. it was so nice i wore shorts and a tanktop. LOVE this weather and we rarely get it on memorial day weekend so it’s even better. we had a yummy lunch at fondi’s on their outdoor patio and then shopped a bit. i found 2 ridiculously cute tops at ann taylor loft, one of which i will sport for our family photos in a few weeks. and i got it on the cheap which makes it like, 10 times cuter in my opinion. we went into hush baby, a very cute baby boutique where emily got me my diaper bag and i got her hers. they have high prices (45 bucks for a onesie?) but it’s fun to look and drool. the lady there put a little yellow bow clip in Harper’s hair and i had to buy it because a) it looks so friggin cute and b) none of her clips will stay in her hair yet and this one doesn’t budge. she sported it the rest of the day.

after shopping and when Scot was home, the 3 of us headed to Emily’s parents house to hang out with the Bilbreys. i was starving and was beyond excited to eat at the new del taco out that way. being a california staple, i freaked when i heard we were getting one. where else serves fries with tacos? that’s right, no where (well i mean maybe, but i don’t know of one – or care for that matter – del taco reminds me of mah childhood summers in cali with my family). so anywho, i got my burrito/fry combo on and it was glorious. we hung with emily, david and poppy for the evening, and Scot wore Harper on his chest while david and him played bocci ball (aka the best outdoor game for summer ever). i wish i had gotten a picture (idiot!) because it was hilarious and adorable. she just hung there playing with dad and uncle david. so cute. i got plenty of poppy cuddle time. she is 6 weeks old already! and putting on the chub, love it. we headed home just in time for jammies and a bottle, and she was more than ready to hit the hay. she had a ton of fresh air today and no real naps, so i bet she’s sawing logs as we speak.

tomorrow will consist of the following: coffee and cinnimon roll run, kiddie pool, sunscreen, floppy hats and my very favorite 2 people and my very favorite 2 pups. i’m gonna go to bed so it will be here sooner. i can’t wait.

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