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for your viewing pleasure: CHUB

May 21, 2009

ahh! wrist rubberbands and knuckle dimples are the BEST! on monday at our weekly coffee date with emily and poppy, a guy asked Harper if she was 9 or 10 months old. when i replied, “6 and half” he exclaimed “oh my gosh, what is your mommy feeding you?!” booyah. i love chubby babies, speshuly mine!

i’m pretty excited for the next couple of weeks. my birthday is coming up and i’m getting a haircut thanks to my hunny, and a YUMMY dinner with close friends at indochine. i’ve been dreaming of the seared ahi i had there when bree and i took emily to dinner and now it will be in my tummy once again. noice.

i am also SUPER excited because we just booked a family photo session with Stacy Jacobsen. i found her blog a few weeks ago and practically begged Scot to let me book with her. i liked Harpers newborn and 3 month pictures, but for her 6 month i wanted something unique and fun. try not to die as you peruse her website. she is flat out awesome and i am SO looking forward to having her take our pictures. tomorrow i’m off to find outfits for the 3 of us. if you could please cross your fingers that my haircut doesn’t get botched so i look decent for these photos. although i’m fairily certain a botched cut would look better than the mess i have on my head right now.

the h monster is awesome as usual. this week she has really taken sleeping in to the next level. read = 9:30pm to 10am one day. at first i was worried, but she seems very content during the day so she must need the z’s. i know i’ve said this before, but i can’t even say how amazing it is that she sleeps through the night. we feel SO lucky that she is such a good sleeper. this week she has been extremely interested in her pointer fingers. she taps them together and now if she reaches for something, she goes finger first, like she is pointing at it. it’s kind of adorable. i’ve also noticed she is finding really tiny things (like a freckle on my hand) and trying to pick it up. so her peepers are working nicely! and what pretty peepers they are.

you may have noticed i added a widget that shows who comes to my blog. i can’t beleive how many people around the country come to visit and don’t even say hi. rude! just kidding. but seriously, say hey once in a while so i know who you are and how you found me. i won’t bite, promise.

i also just noticed that in my labels, i misspelled ‘breastfeeding’ as ‘beastfeeding’. i thought to change it and then thought better of it – crap, it’s funny and TRUE. that kid had a chomper on her.

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