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good day.

May 16, 2009

this picture is seriously one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. i crack up everytime i look at it, and thought i’d share it. chins!

today harper and i went to the mall. not my favorite place, but i had to find a present for a friends birthday so i packed up the kiddo and off we went. i snagged quite a few deals for myself, which always makes me happy, and booked my birthday hair appointment at gene juarez. as a mama who hasn’t had a haircut since december, this makes me more happy than a normal person should be about a haircut.

my biggest pet peeve about the mall is all the pushy people working at the kiosks. HATE. you can’t walk peacefully down the mall without some sprint guy up in your business about why you have t-mobile, or without some scary lady trying to sell you a velour print of a wolf head. i don’t need a license plate cover that says “mandy and scot est. 2006” and if i did, i’d come to your damn kiosk and let you know. today i got snagged by a very foreign man trying to make me look “like miss america” with some 260 dollar flat iron. i tried to keep walking, but he made it seem like he just had a question about my makeup (i couldn’t understand him and he purposefully spoke quietly and made gestures around his face), but in reality he wanted to sit me down and make my hair “sparkly”. this guy was a NUT. he even grabbed my hair and said my current flat iron was burning my hair (thanks, actually it’s raging split ends, did i mention i haven’t had a haircut since 2008?). when i tried to walk away he yelled “20 dollars!”. i rudely said “i have a baby and no job” and took off.

harper dazzled everyone we came in contact with and she happily people watched the entire time. we came home and then headed to tar-jay with my mom. mom bought me and harper one of those cart covers for mothers day and we used it. awesome invention. covers every part of the shopping cart that the baby touches so no germs, folds into a little bag and is machine washable with a zipper pouch and toy loops. she sat like a big girl in the cart the whole time flirting with people. an employee even asked if he could take her picture, then did with his iphone and sent it to his girlfriend. yeah, seriously.

topped off the evening with dinner with GG and scot at tanglewood, where we ate ginormous burgers and garlic fries, washed down with our beverage of choice (blue moon, corona and a chardonnay – i’ll give you props if you can guess who had what). harper chilled in her pjs since it was past her bed time. party animal.

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