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may already?

May 5, 2009

man, time is flying.

good weekend. scot and i were able to go out for date night and full on sleep-in night (thanks GG!) on saturday night. we went to bella ninas for dinner, where i consumed almost an entire plate of penne with crab and spinach. so good. spent the rest of the evening with friends and slept in like champs sunday morning. it was emily’s birthday so i got up and baked some cupcakes for my bff and we went over to the bilbreys to celebrate. it was fun to relax and just hang with our friends and the kiddos. here is a hilarious pic of harper passed out and tiny poppy next to her. look at the difference in thighs – so funny. hard to beleive in another 6 months poppy will be the size of harper and harper will be twice the size she is now!

the nugget is consistently sleeping from 9:30 to 8am every night. words cannot describe how lovely this is. there was a period of time there (from the day she was born until just few weeks ago) that i thought i’d never see a full nights sleep while harper was in the house ever again. i remember in the first weeks actually dreading going to bed because i knew i’d be up in an hour anyhow. my family can attest that i LOVE my sleep. but that is a thing of the past. i can honestly say that the lack of sleep was the hardest adjustment to becoming a parent (having your bewbs used as a pacifier and cleaning peanutbutter poo out of “creases” is right up there though). and the grand old advice “sleep when your baby sleeps”. ha. sounds great in theory. but when else would i shower, brush my teeth, wash the bottles, do the spitup covered laundry, EAT, let the dogs go poop, etc, etc, ETC. how is it that a tiny baby who does little else than sleep (during the DAY of course), poop and eat, take up so much time, energy, and use so much stuff? and that was just the first month or so. now she has toys, bouncers, jumperoos and solid food utensils. it’s clear who runs this house – and she has a toothless grin and chubby thighs. no, not me! i still have my teeth…

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