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i hate to jinx it….

April 24, 2009

but i *think* we have a baby who sleeps through the night. squeeeeeeeeeee! the past 2 nights she has slept from 9:30pm to 8:30am, and last night i only had to get up ONCE at 4am to give her her binkie back. amazing. please keep it up munchkin. i’ll give you a dollar!

we’ve been laying pretty low this week. harper has really settled into her daily 10am nap on me, which i seriously love every minute of. she also has found that touching my face while she eats is fun, so she just pats my chin over and over while she snacks. so cute. only a few more days and she will be 6 months old. i cannot believe it. she can sit up all by herself and roll around like a mad woman.

what’s crazier than harper turning half a year old is all the hilarious things that have happened to me in those 6 months. i’ve made up more rediculous songs than i ever could have imagined possible (so glad we don’t have cameras in our house, i sound like a complete moron most of the day). i find myself swaying back and forth when i am alone (soothing harper, but she isn’t there). i make sounds when i push the stroller (vroom!), turn a corner (whoooosh!), pick her up (whee!) and give her a toy (boop buh doop!). i have half a head of hair (thanks pregnancy hormones), a weird looking belly, and use my fingers for a chew toy. good thing i’m not famous or anything, cause pictures of me without a bra and still in my jammies at 4pm would not be flattering on the cover of US weekly. i am a changed lady. and i love it.

harpers new favorite thing is saying hello and goodbye to the day. i started this a few weeks ago and i swear it is the highlight of her morning and evening. in the morning when i get her out of bed and lay her on her changing table, i say “do you want to say hello to the day?” and then i walk over and open the blinds. it looks like her face is going to burst open she gets so excited. same at night. we wave bye bye to the day and i close the blinds. i have no idea why she likes it so much, but there have been times when she is in a full on CRY and if i say anything about saying hello or bye to the day, she stops immediately and gets giddy. i love my job.

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