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this nap’s on me.

April 16, 2009
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my new favorite thing = Harper deciding that her morning nap should be sprawled across my chest a la when she was a newborn. after a crazy weekend for both her and i, i was looking forward to lounging around with her all day monday. when she got fussy around 11am per usual, i picked her up and sat on the couch and cuddled her for a second. she instantly fell asleep, and stayed that way for almost 2 hours. precious little bean! thinking it was a fleeting moment (she gets pretty squiggly these days and doesn’t like to sleep on me anymore – or so i had thought), i cherished every second of it. to my (happy) surprise, she has followed suit everyday since. i love it!

she continues to crack me up daily. i *think* she might have a tooth thinking about making it’s debut, though i have zero visual confirmation (i can’t see or even feel anything), but her drool has taken it up a notch this week and she is a little fussier and she is making a new funny face which looks like she is rubbing her tongue against her gums and pursing her lips. i dunno. mamas with older babies, maybe you can tell me your opinion. did your baby start showing signs of teething way before you could feel or see one? i would be uber joyous if she didn’t teethe for another 5 months or so, but want to be prepared if she is in fact sprouting some toofs.

while i’m asking opinions, i have been having a diaper dilema at night time. Harper is in a size 2 diaper, which fits great and i have no problems during the day with blowouts or leaking. but at night, she has been constantly peeing through her diaper. she only gets up once a night these days, and you can be sure as heck i am not going to wake her up before that just to save a load of laundry. i just feel bad that when she does wake up, she not only has pee on her jammies, but she is then subjected to a middle of the night changing, complete with a wash down from mama and new jammies, then is expected to go back to sleep. should i buy a bigger size diaper just for nighttime? i don’t really care about the laundry itself (although changing a crib sheet is quite the b**ch), i am more worried about my little nug-nug sleeping with a pee-y diaper. i love having a blog so i can make up words.

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