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Poppy Madeline Reese Bilbrey is here!

April 13, 2009

this little lady decided to come 3 weeks early, then take her time getting out! emily called us friday morning a little before 5 to let us know that her water had broken at midnight. when our phones rang, i nearly freaked out (ok, i did freak out), because i knew there was only one reason why the phone would be ringing in the middle of the night! i tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, so i got up and started preparing – getting a bag for Harper to go to GG’s, charging the camera battery, etc. i would have packed a pillow, toothbrush and makeup had i known i wouldn’t be home again until 9 the next morning!

i got to the hosptital around 4pm and my poor emily was having some pretty gnarly contractions. she was in great spirits between them though and we were able to talk, and i was able to get some awesome pictures of the room and emily. i’ve never seen such a pretty lady in labor. she looked amazing and was SO strong.

the midwife came in and checked her shortly after i arrived and said she was at 2cm. i just felt so bad for Em. it had been over 16 hours since her water broke and her contractions were really hurting. to hear she still had 8 cm to go was rough. david and i felt so helpless (i now understand what my mom and Scot were feeling when i was in labor), and we’d just look at eachother and make sad faces.

after 3 more hours she had progressed to 4, but was becoming exhausted from getting no rest between contractions. but she kept on going like a trooper! i think the midwife came back at around 10, and Emily was still at 4. it was then that the midwife decided to start pitocin. it was then that emily decided she wanted the epidural. i know from experience that pitocin is a mean little drug, and we completely supported Emily in her choice for the epidural. at this point she had been contracting for 16 hours and she needed the rest. oh man, when the epi kicked in – happy lady! she just kept saying “i’m so happy!”. it was great to see her relaxed and feeling good. i would tell her when she was having a contraction, cause she couldn’t feel a thing! YAY! she was able to rest for a few hours. david slept on the cot and i slept on the floor (in the meantime my soreness from the hot yoga kicked in – boo.). when i woke up i heard the midwife telling Emily she was at 9. woohoo!

em was at 10 and started pushing at about 10 to 4 (in the morning, yes). about half and hour into it, her epidural bag beeped signaling it was empty. i heard the midwife tell the nurse quietly not to get another because she was so close. Emil didn’t hear, but i was silently freaking out, but thinking that Poppy would come out any minute, before the epi completely wore off. well, the little lady’s head was not wanting to come out, so Emily ended up pushing for 2 hours and felt almost EVERYTHING for the birth. it was torture watching her be in that much pain, knowing the drugs had worn off but her not knowing. i cried watching her.

when poppys head was almost out, the nurse told Emily to feel her baby’s head. that gave Emily the strength she needed to get through it, and Poppy was out on the next push. it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen! i was so happy Poppy was here and healthy and so happy for Emily and David to finally meet their sweet baby. it was a day i’ll never forget.

mom and baby are doing AMAZING. Poppy is a tiny lady at 5lb 14oz. she is absolutely perfect, has her daddy’s eyes and her mamas mouth and chin. tons of dark hair. she’s lovely! they are home now and doing great. i could not be more proud of my best friend, or more in love with little Poppy.

congrats Bilbreys! we love you so much.

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  1. jessica permalink
    April 13, 2009 6:54 pm

    ahh! poor lady! my bag emptied right before i was done too! ring of fire!!!

    congrats to the new family!

  2. jessica permalink
    April 13, 2009 6:54 pm

    ahh! poor lady! my bag emptied right before i was done too! ring of fire!!!

    congrats to the new family!

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