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happy first easter!

April 13, 2009
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somebunny’s adorable! that would be the precious munchkin to the right. yesterday we went to GG’s house for easter dinner with uncle bobby, auntie and great grandma eileen. Harper looked adorable in her easter dress and we had a great time! dinner was yummy, and Harper was spoiled with all the baskets that the easter bunny brought for her. uncle bobby, if you’re reading, i hope you like my “blob”. :)

big thanks to GG who watched Harper the whole time I was with Emily in labor. i appreciate it so much mom! and Harper told me she had a lot of fun with you and great grandma.

poor Scot is off on another 6 days of work. :( my poor hub. i can’t even imagine how tired he must be. i love him so much for the sacrifice he is making for our family. i just can’t imagine dropping Harper off at daycare, and the fact that he is working his bum off to make sure that doesn’t happen makes him my hero!

we were all able to go visit Poppy in the hospital later on Saturday and Harper met her new best friend for the first time! she wore her hello kitty sweater dress in honor of her new asian friend. it was so crazy to see how big a 5 month old is compared to a newborn, and i can’t beleive Harper was ever that small (well not quite that small, but you know what i mean).

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