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day one.

March 30, 2009

today is Scot’s first day of work. it feels weird! sure, he has been working, but on his own schedule. it’s strange to know that every monday through friday will be like it was this morning – kissing him goodbye at 7am. sigh. i’m not going to lie, this is going to be hard.

the little monster and i have had a pretty good day so far. my urges to call Scot and see what he’s up to aren’t really gonna be kosher anymore, so we have to wait for him to call us. i’m sulking, right? i’m just bummed. please ignore me.

i had to share this picture of Harper from the other night – she was happily jumping in her rainforest jumperoo, and apparently got so tuckered out that she fell asleep. her little nose was smashed SO hard against the seat, but she looked content so we didn’t move her. we’re not sure if it was a wandering puppy under her or just the realization that she was asleep standing up that woke her – but lets’ just say she was none too happy to wake up like that. she threw her hands up in the air and let out a cry only ever heard before when shots were involved. the saddest part? her nose had molded upwards like a little piggy, which made the scene that much more sad (and made GG and i giggle – just a little). i scooped her up quick like and she was fine, but holy cow was it sad. poor little jumperdoodle.

in pecker news, Woody (the only appropriate name to give a woodpecker) has been sighted. he is still gracing our chimney with his presence, but we saw him fly from our roof, to the house across the street and peck on her chimney cap too! what a jerk. he’s just flying around peckin’ on peoples houses! rude, rude, rude. the day he wakes Harper up from a nap is day he will rue. (or would it be ‘he’ll rue the day’? i’m not going to lie, i’m using a word i’m not sure how to use. i can do what i want, cause it’s my blog).

in baby news, my cousin Katie is having a boy!!! i’m very excited to buy boy things. congrats Katie and Kevin! my friend Roxy just had her bebe girl last week, Sienna Rose, and she is absolutely adorable. miss emily is only a few short days away from the 36 week mark, which means i now offically freak out when her or David call me.

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