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animal house.

March 28, 2009

so this week has been pretty disgusting in our house. and it has nothing to do with anything baby related.

like i posted a few weeks ago, Charkey the kitty has come to live with us since Scot’s parents have moved to Yakima. she was a farm cat, only allowed inside on special occasions, so most of her life was spent chasing mice and lounging in various places outside. when Scot lived there, he’d leave his bedroom window open and she’d come in at night and sleep with him.

the first week she was at our house, she literally did not leave our bed. although she was probably pretty confused as to where she was, she knew who we were and seemed pretty darn stoked that she got to sleep on a bed all day. we’d comment on how weird it was that she would sleep ALL day, then continue to sleep ALL night at the foot of the bed. good kitty.

she was not at all interested in coming downstairs, because the big mean doggies live down there. once lulu figured out kitty was in the house, it was her mission to be friends. but kitty is NOT interested. 2 times now when Charkey has tried to come downstairs and met the frenchie at the bottom, we’ve almost had to find an emergency vet. Lulu got served. big time. i think she’s learned her lesson, because now kitty comes down and we all hang out like one big happy family. sort of.

on to the disgusting part. earlier this week, i was on the floor playing with Harper and i heard Lulu licking something. (i’m going to go ahead and state now that if you have a sensitive stomach, please skip ahead or close this window all together. please.) now, it’s not weird to hear lulu licking, because the girl is so “special” that she will often lick the carpet, a pillow, someones arm, for minutes at a time. we call it “getting the taste”. anywho, i look over and not only has she vomited, but she is licking it up (please remember as this goes on I WARNED YOU). i yell for Scot and he comes downstairs. there are two huge piles of puke and i am already horrified. we only become more horrified as we realize why she threw up. because she visted the kitty box buffet. YUP, she found Charkey’s litter box and went to town. seems POOP didn’t agree with Lulu’s system. Scot and i literally (or should i say LITTER-ally) gagged the entire time he cleaned it up, and i am practically gagging now as i type this.

as if that wasn’t bad enough, later that night when we went to go to bed, i come into our room to find a hairball the size of a large mouse on my side of the bed. i almost lose it. kitty has very long hair and lots of it, and since becoming an indoor kitty she is losing it all, all over the house. the half that is not on my carpet is in her tummy, and occasionally it comes up, on MY side of the bed everytime.

oh and the sleeping peacefully at the end of the bed? that’s over. now she chases her own hair tufts in the middle of the night, uses the underside of the mattress as a scratching post, and jumps on the bed near your face simultaneously letting out a loud MEEEOOW to wake you out of your slumber and possibly pee the bed a little bit. then she sits on the night table, playing with my hairband, maybe drinking my water, you know, just chillin’. try and lock her out? oh no – have you ever heard a cat knock on a door? yeah….

to add to the gloriousness, a woodpecker has taken a liking to our roof, mainly the metal chimney cap. the dummy has obviously mistaken it for a tree, and pecks the crap out of it every fifteen minutes. LOVES IT. the way it echoes down the chimney is not annoying AT ALL.

so yeah. good times at the Morrisons. please remember pups, just because it looks like almond rocca doesn’t mean it is.

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  1. jessica permalink
    May 1, 2009 4:16 pm

    how come no one commented on this glorious post?
    dem frenchies love to eat poop. it’s gross. good thing pugs are better civilized no doubt.

    sorry about the poo poo party.

  2. jessica permalink
    May 1, 2009 4:16 pm

    how come no one commented on this glorious post?
    dem frenchies love to eat poop. it’s gross. good thing pugs are better civilized no doubt.

    sorry about the poo poo party.

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