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i’ve been slacking.

March 27, 2009

but this is the last week before Scot starts his new job. although he has been busy this week, we managed to have a family day yesterday and went to ikea. i moby’d the monster and we strolled around. only left with 56 dollars worth of stuff, which was surprising. but it was nice to be out of the house. i’m just itching for the weather to get warm so Harper and i can really take advantage of the outdoors. it will be fun to see her reaction to being outside with the sun on her face (with sunscreen of course) and touch the grass with her toes. we’re in for a fun summer. instead of a huge pregnant chick and two dogs, the kiddie pool will actually be used for a kiddie. can’t wait!

Harper has been rolling from her tummy to her back for some time now, but she still hasn’t mastered the back to tummy. we’ve decided she just isn’t interested. she literally can get all the way over but chooses to stop before her head makes it the rest of the way, as if to say ‘meh, not worth it’. the crazy thing is, she stands only assisted by my two index fingers, and can almost sit without any support. it blows my mind that she’ll be 5 months old next week, but it’s so fun to see her grow and learn so much. there are times when she is so happy she looks like she might burst, and sometimes it makes me cry. in a good way! i just love her so much, and feel so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing little daughter. she’s quickly becoming the funniest person i know, and she can’t even talk.

in (hopefully getting less) chubby news, my e-diets experience is going fairily well. although i’m losing only about a pound a week, i know that is the way to do it and that i’ll be more likely to keep it off that way. it doesn’t even feel like a diet, which is why i like it. i have very little restrictions, so i never really crave anything. i started freaking out for some hagendaaz coffee icecream, my very freakin’ fave, and stumbled across some coffee flavored weight watcher ice cream bars. only 90 calories and totes yummy. crisis averted.

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