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countdown to baby bilbrey!

March 18, 2009

what a crazy weekend! of course it decided to snow, sunshine, rain AND hail all in one day, and when we had a lot to do. grr. sunday was the big celebration for emily and david and their impending birth of baby bilbrey. it turned out GREAT! they got so much good stuff for their little bundle, the cupcakes and food were yummy and the drinks were flowing. good times were had by all, and my little nugget gets a big fat gold star for being the best behaved baby i have EVER seen. i was really worried about bringing her, but she straight chilled the whole time, snoozed when she got bored and never fussed once. i’ve been thanking her ever since. emily looked precious as always in her belly gloriousness (swear that thing looks like a strap on belly!) and no one in their right mind can wait to meet the littlest bilbs. i know i can’t! all the little things i had been crafting for the past month or two were a hit. go martha go!

only about 6 weeks to go until i sleep rediculously close to my phone and possibly call emily every couple of hours to see if she’s in labor (kidding lady) (sort of). the day i was induced emily literally ran out of her work, fogetting her cell phone and becoming really mad (cursing i’m sure) at the fact that she had to go back in and get it. i know when the call comes i am going to be equally freaked out that i might miss something. for giggles, someone should probably install a camera in my car prior to catch the insane amount of road rage that anyone in my path from gig harbor to st. joes will have to endure. just saying. ahh! i’m so excited.

oh man! in other baby news, my cousin Katie and her husband Kevin find out tomorrow what kind of biscuit they’re cooking. i can’t wait to hear! good luck guys, hope the little one is as modest as his or her little cousin was (aka, not at all) and flashes you the goods without a problem.

i am offically starting e-diets tomorrow. there is nothing more annoying than the scale saying i’ve lost every pound of the baby weight, but my stomach jiggling when i walk. so gross. i understand – 9 months to put it on, 9 months to get it off, but i’m just miserable. oh and POOP on angie harmon who had a baby 10 weeks ago and looked like kate moss on the bonnie hunt show today. i fart in her general direction.

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