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fat tuesday.

February 24, 2009

we have chubbiness. Harper downed 8 ounces before
bed for the past 2 nights and slept for a glorious
8.5 hours each time. new record for ounces consumed AND hours slept. LOVE IT. there is not a whole lot better than baby arms that look like they have rubberbands on them and waking up for the first time and it being 6am instead of 2. cross your fingers (and toes and arms and legs) for us that we’ve hit a milestone. our little lady will be 4 months old this saturday (whaaaaaat?!) and her 4 month check up is on Monday. any guesses on her weight and height? for reference, at her 2 month she weighed 10lb 11oz and was 22 inches tall.

sunday was gg’s birthday so we went out for dinner, not before Harper gave her a special birthday gift (what, spit up isn’t a kosher bday present?). sorry again mom! i always appreciated my mom, but having my own baby has really given me a greater understanding and appreciation of what my mama went through with me. i am so lucky to have such a wonderful lady for a mom. i love you mama!

this weekend Scot and i did something we never do – made a big ticket purchase. we bought a new flat screen tv. um, it’s amazing. it’s shiny, pretty and i can now successfully see anne curry’s pores each morning. glorious. and we haven’t had one ounce of buyers remorse, probably because we’re too busy saying things to each other like “omg, you can see oprah’s fly aways!”. my only concern is come fall….football. *shudder* he’s already drooling over the espn HD channels. ugh.

other than that, i’ve been busy planning my very best friends baby shower! baby B will be here in 9 weeks (give or take!) and i simply cannot wait to meet this quarter-asian little lady. i almost peed when the invites came, they turned out so cute. i’m making everything else for the shower and am very pleased with how they are turning out. i love you Em!

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