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February 13, 2009

i heart fridays. these days, it’s not because i get 2 days off of work, it’s because i know scot will be home with us for 2 whole days and i love it. we have a pretty busy and interesting weekend this week. tomorrow is a pretty special day for us. yeah, it’s valentines day and all that jazz (any excuse to get all romantical is fine by me), but it also marks one year since we found out we were pregnant! it’s so hard to beleive that a year has passed and as i type this, our sweet little babe is asleep in her crib for a nap and over 3 months old. i will never forget last v.d. (i call it that cause it’s funny. admit it, you laughed). the night before, Scot had convinced me to buy a test. i remember getting up that morning and taking the test, setting it on the bathroom counter and returning to the bedroom, only to see Scot wide awake and sitting on the corner of the bed. we waited the 3 mintues and went into the bathroom together. i saw one line from across the bathroom, but he saw the 2 immediately. man, that day was so exciting. i had to go to work (if you consider looking at baby bedding, names, clothing and accesories all day via the internet, working) and all day i was just in awe of what was happening. my adorable husband had written me a song for v.d. and that morning after we took the test, he added a verse about the baby. i cried like a pregnant chick while he played me that song on his guitar. i remember that day so vividly, that it only reminds me how fast time goes, and soon it will be october 31st and time will just keep going and going…

so the H-monster will be having her weekly sleepover with GG tomorrow night. then sunday i have to drop Scot off for a 2 night medical study that he is doing. i’m gonna meet up with my Emily so we can plan her baby shower. i am so excited! baby B will be here SO soon and i can’t wait. we will squish our little girls together and force them to be bff’s.

Harper rolled over 2 times yesterday! so far, she can only roll over from her tummy to her back, but she is trying real hard to do the back to tummy. if she only knew what the outcome was (tummy time), i’m sure she’d stop trying so hard. she pretty much thinks tummy time is the dumbest thing ever and lets us know exactly what she thinks of it. for your viewing pleasure today, a photo of Harper in a new outfit Scot picked out for her (we just need a mini cell phone and keys so she has something to put in her pockets) and her playing with her first drum set, courtesy of Uncle David.

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