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new kicks.

February 12, 2009

Harper got her first pair of checkered vans. they look so ridiculously cute. please see evidence ——————->

this week has been bananas. it snowed again ( i got a little angry, thank goodness it didn’t stick around), which messed up a job that Scot is doing, so we were lucky enough to have him at home for 2 days. we got a ton of things done and even got to go visit with Bobbi, Kristin and the boys yesterday.

Harper is on her playmat right now talking to herself. her favorite new thing is her own voice, and making it do funny things. i just watch her and crack up. between the spitty raspberries and the fake coughing (seriously), i’m laughing most of the day. the absolute best is coming into the room and getting in her line of vision – huge smile and the highest pitch squeal. melts the heart, really.

if I could get paid for losing my hair, I could consider myself employed at this point. i knew it was bound to happen (your normal hairloss slows during pregnancy and resumes with a vengeance after you give birth), but this is rediculous. it’s everywhere. i can’t even be mad about the pug and frenchie hair because i think i may have surpassed it with my own. gross. it can stop any day now, i’d rather not end up resembling crazy Britney anytime soon.

in true morrison style, we forgot to get a valentines reservation so it looks like the mr. will be cooking me dinner this Saturday. in our 4 valentines days together, we’ve never once made the reservation in time. we might learn someday, but probably not.

in holy-cow-i’m-getting-old news, my 10 year reunion is this october. i’m actually really looking forward to it. our generation has the luxury of facebook so that there really isn’t any suprises when we all get there. we all pretty much know what the others are up to and hopefully we can spend the time having fun instead of bragging about what it is we’ve been doing (i have a lot to brag about :D).

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