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February 7, 2009

for new mamas and mamas to be…a list of lifesavers.

sleep sheep : thanks to my sister in law, we have this little guy who helps Harper fall asleep. it’s got 4 settings of soothing sounds (the whale one is a little weird, but i digress). Harpers favorite is the babbling brook. you turn it on and it goes for 40 minutes. cute and functional. love.

mylicon : we don’t use this much anymore, but since Harper had to start formula, this really helped with the tummy discomfort. it’s expensive, but everyone should have some on hand. it’s safe enough to use at every feeding, and even for brand new little nuggets.

dr. browns bottles : these are great. when we were still trying to get Harper to breast feed, we bought some other bottles that looked and acted more like a bewbie. unfortunately, they gave her so much air, she was fussy all the time. the second i switched back to these, she did amazing. they are a PAIN to clean (each bottle has 5 parts), but totally worth it to have a bubble-free babe.

moby wrap : words will never describe my love for these. i am a full on supporter of baby wearing and nothing lets your baby be closer to you than this. i love that you can use it up to 35 pounds and wear it in tons of different ways as your little one grows. i also love that Scot wears it. my only complaint with them is that if you want to wear it somewhere, like the store, you pretty much have to put it on before you leave the house since it’s like 20 feet long (not easy to manuver in a Target parking lot). but to me – totally worth the extra effort. note: people FREAK when they see you wearing your baby in one of these. prepare for lots of questions and oohing and ahing.

baby legs! : amazing. not only do they resemble the kickbutt leg warmers of my dancing youth, but they make diaper changes a breeze at home. just a onesie and a pair of these and the kiddo is warm, adorable and i don’t have to snap and unsnap a wiggly baby into jammies or try and get her flailing legs into pants. i want some in every pattern.

what to expect the first year : just like it’s predecessor was my pregnancy bible, this book is so great for the new mom. it goes month by month of baby’s first year of life and answers all the questions we have as unexperienced parents. i plan on buying ‘what to expect – the toddler years’ and ‘what to expect the bitchy, hormone-ridden teenage years’ (oh what? that last one doesn’t exist, but hopefully it will by the time we get there).

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  1. Rachel permalink
    February 12, 2009 3:26 pm

    ::leaving house immidately to purchase mylicon:: Liam likes to scream in the middle of the night for two hours. Maybe this will help??!?! Thanks for the advice, mama.

  2. Rachel permalink
    February 12, 2009 3:27 pm

    p.s. when did you start using your moby wrap? we can’t really get the hang of it. i’m sure it just takes practice but he gets upset whenever i try and stuff him in it.

  3. Meg permalink
    February 18, 2009 3:52 am

    I would like to add my baby crack machine to that list. (Homedics Sound Spa.) G adores the projected lights.

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