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February 6, 2009

my morning has ruled thus far. with the exception of making the perfect cup of coffee (just the right amount of cream, just the right amount of splenda) only to have it consumed by my husband “on accident” when i set it down on the banister for a split second. (lub you honey!)

so, as if having jennifer aniston and stevie wonder(ful) on ellen wasn’t enough to make this day own, i got a really good phonecall. some of you may know that since i decided not to return to work after my maternity leave, JLS was saying i now owed them all of my insurance premiums back for the 12 weeks i was gone. the damage? sixteen hundred dollars. to say scot and i had a heart attack would be an understatement. this amount was stated in a nonchalant letter from them with the law “conveniently” attached, stating that they could recover this money. funny, this was never explained to me before my leave, which would be the non-shady way to do it. after the fact = shady. so, i sent an email on monday to the director of human resources stating my case (it would be nicer to disclose before people leave, i would have made my decision much sooner had i known, etc.) and she called me this morning to discuss it. i was really nervous to call her back because it’s never fun to be told gee thanks for your email, but you’re gonna need to go ahead and pay us now.

basically after reviewing all the paperwork i had been given prior to my leave, she found that although it was stated (in tiny print, and just one sentence in a huge packet of papers), there was no place for the employee to sign that they acknowledged it, and therefor they have no grounds to charge me – so i owe nothing. praise jebus! if it was possible for people to actually hug the skin off of someone, Scot would have skinned me alive. i am so grateful and so proud of myself for sticking up for myself – something i have a very hard time doing. it paid off! i feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. she also appreciated my email and they are now changing that policy (sorry future preggo ladies at JLS!).

last night was the first night we took the sleep positioner out of Harpers crib. since she wiggles out of it anyways, and is trying to roll over during play time, we figured it was time to let her be free! she did great. i expected her to end up cattywhompus (what does that mean and how do you really spell it?) in the crib, but she barely moved. she also only got up once which is amazing! go nugget!

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  1. jessica permalink
    February 16, 2009 4:20 am

    okay so this is like the eleventy-billionth time I’ve tried to post a comment. I think this computer needs to be restarted… anywho… YAY for not having to pay JLS! That is awesome!

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