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time flies

February 2, 2009

when you’re changing diapers, wiping drool and not sleeping. Harper is 3 months old! saturday we went to the fire station for Jacks 3rd birthday party. Harper participated in the festivities by sleeping in her carrier, wearing a plastic firehat and a badge sticker. i had never been to a firestation before, so it was kind of cool to check it out. that night we all headed to doyles irish pub to see Scot, Alex, David and Rory reunite as Foray and play a show. brian redman and his band were playing their last show, as brian and his wife are moving away. since they played at Foray’s first show, they all decided Foray should play at their last show. it was so last minute that they only practiced 2 times, after not playing together since last march. it was awesome! they did so good, i would never had known they hadn’t played if i weren’t the drummers wife :) a bunch of people wanted cd’s and asked when they were playing next…bummer! they aren’t a band anymore AND we left all the cd’s at home. emily brought out her glorious belly (good thing baby Bilbrey is swimming around in all that amniocitc fluid because that show was LOUD), and a good time was had by all. i’m going to keep my eye on the volcano, since Foray was written up for most of their shows last year.

yesterday was the superbowl and can i just say BOOYAH that the season is over. i love my husband dearly, which is why i am so excited to have him back in my life on sundays again! i mean, he was always here physically, but the nfl made it hard for him to pry his eyes from the tv. i’m excited. this also means spring is on it’s way and that makes me smile. peace out football!

in annoying news, today on my weekly trip to target (you try staying home everyday and entertaining a 3 month old and yourself), i picked up some essentials. formula, hairdye (babies give you gray hair?), magic eraser (they ARE magic!), and other items not needing to be listed here (’cause they’re boring – get your mind out of the gutter). anywho, i had what would be about 4 bags of stuff. but no – they were out of the regular grocery sized bags. all they had were the ginormous bags that you could literally fit a small child in, possibly 2. so the girl seriously puts everything i purchased into one. it ended up weighing about 623 pounds and i’m sure i looked so graceful toting that and a carseat around. maybe try NOT running out of bags when you’re TARGET. ugh. note to self: if you’d remember to bring your own canvas bags, this wouldn’t happen. second note to self: maybe that is their master plan?

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  1. jessica permalink
    May 1, 2009 4:17 pm

    your labels kill me.

  2. jessica permalink
    May 1, 2009 4:17 pm

    your labels kill me.

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